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Serena the Space Queen has come to planet Earth to share her knowledge about the solar system and the life beyond. You will enjoy her high energy show and especially meeting her co-pilot Mr. Sparkles (seen in photo) a live guinea-pig. She workshops with the children, one of her favourite Maori legends about a group of stars in the Taurus constellation called 'Matariki' (little eyes). Stars hint at the immensity of our universe and suggest the vastness of time. The next time you stare into the night sky, consider infinity, consider time and consider life. Serena's show is a blend of magic, singing, fun, live animals, audience interaction and wonderful facts about the planets of our solar system.This show is educational as well as entertaining!









Schools,  Pre-schools,  Space Research Centers,  Shopping Malls ,The Star-dome  and  N.A.S.A


Serina's Profile:

Serina has over 20 years experience in children's musical theatre. She has toured both the North and South Island extensively with original stage and school shows. She has been the administrator, performer and co-producer for the Aunties from very early on.

Her love of magic began as a child when she performed magic shows with her brother for the local neighborhood children.

She performed in the "Aunties Alphabet" TV series, "Water Sense" video (a water safety DVD for children) and "Ants in ya Pants" (a movement and dance video for schools) in collaboration with Trailblazers Pictures LTD.

Serina loves illustrating, painting and making props and costumes for the Aunties shows.
Currently she is a member of  'Sea Shepherd'  and part of the whale rescue team.

She has performed at: Hunters Plaza, The Sky Tower, Rainbows End, Story-fest (Kelston Community Centre) Royal Oak Mall, the Teddy Bears Picnic (Auckland and Wellington), the International Airport, The Pumphouse and  Downstage theatre in Wellington.



The Space Queen is great.

Karla East -  Hunters Plaza, Papatoetoe



We loved the interactive nature of the show and the way our senior children were invited to perform. They had a fabulous time and our audience enjoyed this immensely. We booked the show as part of our Pentecost celebrations and 'The Space Queen' was a lively culmination of a great day.

Robyn Lee - St Ignatius School


The children retained most of the information- names of planets and stars. Enabled them to understand the galaxy. Wonderfully interactive. Children chosen were thrilled. Including many yr 6 students which kept them involved. Visuals (balloons) effective. Repetition great. Singing fun. Incorporation of science cleverly done. Vocabulary expanded.

St. Pauls School



Pitched at just the right level. Content great as we were at the end of our study topic. They really loved the magic tricks, songs, backdrop, costumes, story and especially Gloria the guinea pig. So the best bits were the tricks and Gloria from my class's reflection. They were so pleased you mentioned the stars as they had been finding out about them . And the planet sequence as they were familiar with it. Great input as we were after some narratives after their science work and so it fitted the bill and also gave them some more ideas . Thankyou

Mairangi Bay School


Children remained engaged throughout the show. Interactive.The information at the right level. They enjoyed the planet song. Time for show was just right. Kids loved the magic. Our American visitors wanted to take you home. They couldn't believe our children had such a fabulous opportunity to learn.

Bonita Mowat - Botany Downs School


Thank you for your show this morning. As the kids were coming out they were saying; Awesome show, that was amazing, where was the spaceship!!!

The story was relevant to our focus (Space/Matariki) The children loved the magic- especially Mr. Sparkles. The props were great and good participation by the students.

Deborah Barclay

deputy Principal - Manuka Primary School