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Cosmic Rock CD is a high energy compilation taken from the first 16 Aunties albums. The range of styles and the calibre of the song-writing is exciting.There is something timeless about this music and even though the tracks are recorded years apart with different line-ups, it still fits together seamlessly. All the tracks were carefully selected to showcase the various flavours of the group and features all the leading Aunties.

Tracks: Cosmic Rock, Te Ika a Maui, Insects, Jim, B is my best pair of shades, Royal Jelly, Old Man Tree, Life goes on, Tangaroa, Xmas on the Beach, Great Big Mountain of Rice, The Sportscar, Chainsaw, Gollum, Hey Bohemia, The Paper Wasp, J is a genuine jawbone hook, Feel it!, The Jungle Tree, I'm afraid of Dragons I am, Looking for a Star, Robots, Seabed Shuffle, Keep the finger moving.


A synopsis of the shows where the songs come from are inside the CD cover.




I Love Insects CD has lots of songs in it about the characteristics of insects. There are songs about bees, ants, moths and songs about the life cycle of a butterfly. The kids will have a riot listening to this album. The sound effects and the production quality on all the songs are great. The opening track 'The Ugly Bug Jive' has some delightful participatory parts: a worm (doing the belly dance) a snail, a litterbug who believes "you're messing up the planet but you don't care" and finally a shuffling Millipede. This stellar CD is not only fun and a joy to listen to but to top it off, it's educational! You will want to listen to it, with your kids, over and over again!


Tracks: Ugly bug jive, Insects, Head, Thorax and Abdomen, I like Moths, Cocoon, Ants, It's a Buzz, She's a worker Bee, Ugly Bug Spider, Eat, Pupa, Metamorphism, Come my Pretties, Ugly Bug Frog, I Love Insects.

Words of the songs are inside the cover of the CD




Waiata Reka CD is original with songs from the South Pacific which are based and inspired by ancient legends yet the songs are modern and accessible. These exquisite songs are inspired by the rich tapestry of Maori legends, which are some of the finest in the world. The legends include 'Hinemoa and Tutanekai', 'The  Legend of the Kopuwai', 'The Heart of a Kereru', 'Kae and the Whale' and 'The Ant and the Cicada'.


Tracks: Kiaora, Hinemoa, Mauria mai taku wai, I have a plan, Parade of the Kai moana, The heart of a kereru, I'm a Tohunga, Magic sleeping spell, Kua ngaro au, Kihikihi, Tutanekai, Pets, Ka kite ano, Wintertime, Tutunui, Kiaora 

Synopsis of the songs and the legends they come from are inside the CD cover.







Princess_and_the_goblins200The Princess and the Goblins CD has songs and music from a full-length musical, which has been one of the most popular of all the Aunties productions. It is faithfully based on the book 'The Princess and the Goblins' by George MacDonald (1824-1905) who is regarded as the father of modern fantasy writers. This story was published in 1871 and is seen as his masterpiece. He was a Welsh minister who got disenchanted with the Anglican Church and turned to writing children's stories. This is a wonderful story to read to children as it is both mystical and inspiring. This music CD will also bring life to his masterpiece.


Tracks: Overture, Princess Irene, Papa the King, Not the night, Ding dinga dong, I'm bored, Oratorio 1, Oratorio 2 / Spinning, lost, There once was a Goblin, Oratorio 3, Feel it, The Thread, The Chase, Oratorio 4 / Don't be afraid my child, He couldn't leave his mother.

The synopsis of the story is inside the CD cover



rat200I smell a rat CD is an interesting and clever CD with all the Aunties favourite animal songs.  Some of the songs are about their Aunties own pets. For instance 'Jolly Roger' is a song about Madeline the Pirate's guinea pig, 'Queenie' is the name of Madame Salami's mouse and 'Ernie' is her pet rabbit. The rest of the animal songs are from Aunties shows and the 'Aunties Alphabet' DVD.


Tracks: Jolly Roger, Bruce the moose, Queenie, Frog prince, Silverfish, Mirkwood spiders, Snakebite, A porpoise with a purpose, I smell a rat, Tadpole, Down at the zoo, Ernie


Inside the CD cover are various pictures of pets and humans dressed as animals. See if you can guess what creature they are?





a_alphabet200The Aunties alphabet DVD is totally original and enjoyable.  The songs are wonderful and the characters are zany and lovable! It will be played over and over again. Many children have learnt their alphabet from this DVD.  When it was aired as a TV series all the episodes were repeated 18 times.


Each letter denotes something found in the world.

Tracks: A is an Aluminum ladder, B is my Best pair of shades, C is the crescent moon, D is a dirty shovel, Eggs Electric, F is my favourite flag, G is a giant taniwha's mouth, The H bug, I is an interesting instrument, J is a genuine jawbone hook, K is for Kiwi, L is for a leaky gumboot, M is a marshmallow mountain, N is the New Zealand stars, O is an orange, P is a pot P is a pan, Everyone Queues except for a queen, R is my red rosette, S is Madame Salami's saxophone, Tea-tree tea, U is an uncooked horseshoe, V is a valuable vase, Wai is water, X is an extra special kiss on an expensive Xmas card, Y is a yellow propeller, Down at the Zoo, We did it.


The Aunties Alphabet Review -

Dear Aunties my son Liam (5) and I recently brought the Aunties ABC DVD. We were both very impressed and I'm pleased to say Liam has a much better understanding of the alphabet since then. He also goes around the place looking for letters and gets really enthusiastic when he finds one. Thanks very much for your wonderful creation!!!

I enjoyed the music, humour and creativity.

Kate Mc Donald -Torbay