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Hello everyone,



Wonderful news! We have been gifted at this time on earth with a teacher who has incarnated with the divine energy of both the God and Goddess within him. His Holiness Shin Shiva is a being of great purity and love and is here to help guide and teach mankind. As before, in times of great need a teacher of the Cosmic Tradition comes amongst humanity. No one has taught us these esoteric methods since the time of Christ, so humanity is extremely blessed. Shin's school is called "The School of the Ocean of life" It is a place where you are helped to come to an understanding of your spiritual potential and receive knowledge about the body's light structure. One of the aims of this school is to awaken the divine kernel within us, so that we may serve humanity in love and freedom. As human beings we are now being called upon to be co- creators with God and the Goddess. This is an immense task in which we need lots of direction and preparation.


Now days with the super technical age being so overpowering and self destructive we need extra help to stay in touch with our God and Goddess nature. We already know how to live in the physical world, but because we are at present standing in the energy field of the powers of the adversaries, we need Gods guidance to not be torn off from healthy cosmic streams. Cosmic stream means following the primal spiritual impulses given by the Highest God, the God of all creation. If we look back to some of our ancestors, who followed the cosmic tradition, such as the Celtic race, we see a people who had a vast knowledge and respect for the Earth. One of their strongest beliefs was their devotion to the Great Mother and they were one of the few races to have there Goddess on equal footing with their Gods, alas until the Roman and the Christian church made inroads and destroyed all their deities, culture and beliefs.


Teachers of the cosmic tradition are the ones who are able to read the cosmic records as to how it all began and how it all continues. Shin Shiva sees the plan of God and can help humanity overcome the adverse forces and help us make new evolutionary steps. He is a master who can teach the inner path because he has access to the energy of the creator. - is an exquisite website about profound and beautiful stories from Shin's pupils. These experiences with Shin take place before and after an extremely dangerous process of allowing the primal divine energy of the creator to fully enter his body and into earthly existence. - is a link to training courses running thoughout the year with Shin.


We also need to develop our spiritual potential to be of benefit to others and to help Mother Earth. She cries out for help, but because we are so out of touch with nature we do not hear her. Instead we ravish and pollute her, destroying our own life sphere. Perhaps a society that returns once again to regarding the landscape as precious, and indeed sacred, will think twice about doing further damage to the fragile balance of life on Earth. To perceive a living Earth Goddess landscape, as our ancestors did aeon's ago, is to connect with an aspect of ourselves that has been neglected for far too long. We are umbilically connected to the land, a concept embraced by our distant ancestors.


Nature Spirits and Elementals beings are also being affected by our behaviour, as they are interdependent with the human world. They hold the world together and ensure the continued existence of the Earth. It is time to get back our sensitivity and ask for their help to bring us a greater understanding and love of Nature.  It would be wonderful to re-establish the ancient connection between humanity and these real and powerful realms of Earth. These are the beings who watch over the elements of water, air, earth and fire and if they withdrew their vital force from Nature man could no longer survive. We need to co-operate with Nature spirits, because if grains, fruits or vegetables are grown without their help, they would lack life force and therefore foodstuffs would not have as much food value. Nature Spirits work with the archetypal forms channelled down to them from the Devic Beings and work with this blueprint which is the etheric counterpart in which a physical tree, etc grows up. These wonderful beings have the capacity to show themselves in a variety of forms, or else as formless swirls of colour and light. The garden is a great place to seek their co-operation and listen to their messages of encouragement about living carefully, mindfully and in harmony with Mother Nature. You will know when they wish to communicate with you as you will be overcome with a profound feeling of joy and love for the Universe. Everyone has the potential to nurture this side of their consciousness, if they are inclined to open up to the presence of these unseen beings.


On the subject of creating, if you haven't heard of darjit and want to create or buy sculptures for your garden, a present for a friend, or even build your home you will love it. This stuff is a versatile and permanent sculpting and architectural building compound made from recycled paper and waste clay tailings. It has been developed by Brent Sumner who, 10 years ago was asked if he could make use of the massive amounts of waste by-product from a porcelain clay mine that was unstable to the environment in its present state. Being passionate about recycling the earth's resources as well as our need to decrease the size of landfills, he mixed earth building with living creatively. Brent has worked to produce this now tried and tested medium which lends itself perfectly to a huge array of projects.

Darjit seems to have a quality that inspires and enthralls both beginners and experienced alike. I love it, and have created a new website with lots of my garden sculptures made from darjit on it.




Whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary

The poor whales face a number of increasing human threats, apart from being entangled in fishing nets; they have to cope with climate change, pollution, being struck by ships, and of course, the so called 'scientific' whaling programs (Japan's commercial whaling in disguise). When whales are harpooned they drown in their own blood in appalling agony and take up to an hour to die.


The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is the body in charge of deciding if whales are to be hunted or protected. Representatives from around the world meet annually and decide about how to protect whales. In 1982 it voted to introduce a 'moratorium on commercial whaling', however Japan never stopped killing whales. In fact, more than 25,000 whales have been killed since the moratorium.  Each year Japan continues to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean. Supposedly a whale sanctuary!


Japan and the countries it has convinced to support whaling have almost got enough votes to start taking away the protections that have been put in place over the past 20 years to save the whales. As the Japanese government works to recruit new countries to vote 'pro-whaling' the whaling continues.

Norway and Iceland have already resumed whaling in the Northern Hemisphere, killing hundreds of endangered whales.  All I can think of doing is writing a petition to try and help stop the killing of these magnificent creatures. The Sea Shepard crew are the only wonderful people who sail into harm's way to defend the whales from the Japanese whalers. Check out their website


Below is a petition aimed at anti-whaling governments to take action and mount lawsuits to take delinquent Nations to the international courts. Unfortunately all anti-whaling counties such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the United Kingdom take no action because they don't want to disrupt their trade with Japan. For example: Japan is New Zealand's fourth most important trading partner, and relies on tourism from Japan and it's market for agricultural and forestry products. Unfortunately money comes before whales!


Please copy this petition, get as many signatures as you can, and send it to the NZ Government.


Petition - Save the whales !


John Key, Prime Minister

CC: Murray McCully, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Parliament Buildings

Wellington NZ


1.  We the people of New Zealand wish to show our support for an end to commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

2.  We believe that the slaughter of whales for so called 'scientific reserch' by Japanese whaling ships is wrong.

3.  We wish to add our voices to the global campaign aimed at protecting these precious mammals from extinction.

4.  We want illegal whaling to stop now! The slaughter is illegal under many international conventions and Japan is making a mockery of international laws.

5.  As our Government and as a member nation of the IWC (International Whaling Commission) we call upon you to make a stand against these inhumane practices.

6.  Please show active support against those countries who continue to kill these endangered species, by taking them to the 'International Courts' as only Governments are able to do so.



Love and Light