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Dive in for an enchanting adventure under the seawith Maia the Mermaid! Do you know a mermaid's dearest companion is the 

dolphin whom they love to ride. Mermaids also have a wonderful light-hearted energy that reminds us to play, smile and enjoy the beauty of the water realm. So lets talk fish, dance with penguins and wish upon a pearl!

Mermaids are the protectors of the oceans. If a fishy friend is in trouble, Maia and her friends will be there to save the day. Respond to the rhythm of the waves and join Maia and her underwater friends for a captivating perfomance specifically tailored for your child's special day. Maia changes into a sea fairy when she is on land - this is because she finds in this form it easier to dance with human children. 

Maia will have the children spellbound with her dances, mermaid magic, secrets of the sea, songs, games, mermaid gifts and exquisite mermaid stories!






Birthday Parties, Underwater conventions, Libraries  and  Sea Creature Gatherings.


Maia's the Mermaids Profile:


Maia spends a great deal of time in the human world as Andrea Reid.

Andrea has had ten years drama training at 'Kids for Drama' and has completed up to Grade 8 Trinity Guidlhall Musical Theatre.

She has tutored for 'Artz On Show' in theatresports and singing and is a relief drama tutor with 'Kids for Drama'. Andrea is currently studying at Unitec and has 2 years experience entertaining at children's parties.



What a magical show. We loved every minute of it. Her costume was beautiful she looked like a real mermaid. She had all the girls convinced with her magic spells. The adults loved it as well. Wonderfully varied and brilliant story.

Peter Lewis, Birkdale


Wonderful . Loved the story, magic and dancing. Very mystical gentle entertainment. Kept children entertained for the whole show.

Thank you so much.

Jane Porter, Wellsford


Will recommend you to all my friends. The children loved every minute of the show especially the story about the fisherman. Great costume, puppets and props.

Helen Gibson, Drury


Excellent performance. Held the children's attention well. Thank you so much for making Bess's party so special.

Jacky Hacking, Mt. Eden


The children loved Maia's show so much, and kept wondering how she got from the sea to the house and where she was going to enter the sea again after the show. Kids are so cute!

Lisa and Michael, Devonport


Thank you for organising the entertaining at Millie's party on Saturday. It was a great party, all went very smoothly and the girls loved the show. It made it so enjoyable as they were quietly engaged with the show, and the parents commented on how relaxed and peaceful it was for a 4yr olds party! Thanks very much.

Meredith, Torbay