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fairy-fallspicture200This beautiful show celebrates life in the garden. The children will explore the garden with all its wonderful creatures. We all need to get in touch with our gardens and make it a place where we can experience the enchantment of Mother Earth. In Madame Salami's show the children will sing a catchy song about insects having six legs, experience the life cycle of a butterfly, learn about bees and meet lots of real live animals. This is a great show for the junior school  studying the 'Living World' curriculum strand. Also great for preschools studying mini -beasts and gardens.

Madame Salami sings, dances, performs magic and explains with the use of puppets wonderful facts about bees and butterflies. This is a truly lovely show!





A free CD about insects is given away with each show


Schools,  Pre-schools,  Garden Centers,  Festivals,  Ellerslie Flower Show,  Libraries,  Shopping Malls, fundraising events  and  Holiday Programs.

Madame Salami Profile:

Madame Salami has over 20 years experience in children's musical theatre. She has toured both the North and South Island extensively with original stage and school shows. She has been the administrator, performer and co-producer for the Aunties from very early on.

Her love of magic began as a child when she performed magic shows with her brother for the local neighborhood children.

She performed in the "Aunties Alphabet" TV series, "Water Sense" video (a water safety DVD for children) and "Ants in ya Pants" (a movement and dance video for schools) in collaboration with Trailblazers Pictures LTD.

Madame Salami loves illustrating, painting and making props and costumes for the Aunties shows.
Currently she is a member of 'Sea shepherd' and part of the whale rescue team.

Madame Salami has performed at: Hunters Plaza, The Sky Tower, Rainbows End, Storyfest (Kelston Community Centre) Royal Oak Mall, the Teddy Bears Picnic (Auckland and Wellington), the International Airport, The Pumphouse and  Downstage theatre in Wellington.


The show was very well received by our staff and boys. It supported our growing unit as well as being entertaining. Great work.

Linda Reid

Assistant Principal/Dean of Junior School

Saint Kentigern School

Another wonderful Aunties show! Entertaining and informative!
Stanmore Bay Kindergarten

I watched the afternoon performance and thought it appropriately pitched. Very stimulating with wonderful props and music. I enjoyed the way the children were invited to use their imaginations. It was great .The children were fully involved.

Constance Colgrove Kindergarten

Brilliant, fun and educational. Fabulous value for money!

Hillpark kindergarten

Fantastic show full of energy and fun. Our children loved the performance and the chance to be so involved!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Bayfield School

The show was enjoyed by all. The children enjoyed the magic tricks, the rabbit and mice thoroughly. The music and action was really good.

Viscount School