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For 30 years the Aunties have been entertaining, educating and enthralling young audiences with their original, professional, magical, imaginative and interactive child-centered shows. The Aunties feel that in this day and age imaginative freedom is in danger of being forgotten, and is slowly being replaced by TV, video, computer games, and the constant advertising that promises instant happiness. Too many children are brought up on TV violence, murder mysteries and action films which teach them that the world is lethally dangerous and that it is better not to trust.


There is a need to counteract all this!  Aunties shows engage strengths and explore courage, cleverness, patience, kindness, trust and humour. They also stimulate imagination, thinking, understanding, and challenge children's perceptions. Children need shows that uplift them, enrich their emotional and spiritual lives, but most of all to give them inspiration and joy.


Theatre shows  can also be a reminder of an inner world where happy endings can be dreamed of and where everything can be transformed. Such stories are not an escape in the bad sense of running away from problems, but an escape into the freedom to imagine new answers and new possibilities. It is from the heart and imagination, from inner resources , inner knowledge and freedom, that children can draw strength to deal with the outer worlds problems.


The Aunties have interwoven audience participation, dancing, singing, enchanting stories, magic, puppets and live animals with the aim to engage and encourage a child's own natural creativity and imagination.


The Aunties are also enthusiasts for the environment and our material is often focused in this direction. The 'Moana the Ocean' as well as being fun covers the threats facing the marine environment today. The 'Space Show' explores our place in the universe. 'Madame Salami's Garden Show' encourages children to plant seeds and love Mother Earth. These shows are also appropriate for schools and preschools due to their educational value and because they focus on the four disciplines of the New Zealand Arts curriculum: dance, drama, music and the visual arts.


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The Aunties are loved by children of all ages and are committed to producing excellent shows at an affordable price.



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