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The Aunties have produced a kit aimed directly at the Primary Schools Arts Curriculum, and as the name suggests 'Ants in Ya Pants' will really get the kids up and moving !

In alignment with The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum this kit combines the four disciplines dance, drama, music  and visual arts to give the children opportunities to extend their knowledge, skills and experience in more than one Arts discipline.


Each kit included.....

1. A Teaching Aid DVD with 13 fully choreographed & staged movement songs

2. A Music CD professionally mixed and engineered

3. A Teaching Manual with lyrics, choreography, sheet music, Arts Curriculum Strands, workshop ideas and general knowledge facts & trivia.


Enjoy this fun-filled selection of dance and movement-orientated songs, each of which have been carefully choreographed and developed for the purpose of being an excellent resource for the Arts Curriculum!


The four Strands in the New Zealand Arts curriculum

Each song section includes notes, which identify the four inter-related teaching strands-

1. Developing practical knowledge

2. Developing ideas

3. Communicating and interpreting the Arts

4. Understanding the Arts in context.


In the workshop notes and strands, links are made to other curriculum areas such as science, the social sciences, languages, health and physical well being.


Don't miss this fantastic opportunity for you to breathe new life into your school's curriculum. It's time you got Ants InYa Pants !